Frequently Asked Questions

Where else can I read In Kind? +

Our free newsletter includes the same content that we love exploring in the magazine ( You can also unlock exclusive, subscriber-only content on Patreon ( That's the destination where we post full transcripts from interviews conducted for magazine stories, pieces from previous issues, and lots of behind-the-scenes content featuring Leah and Hannah.

When will I be charged for future issues? +

Subscribers should see a charge come through on or around October 1 and April 1. While the timing of finalizing and printing issues always varies a bit, we aim to send your copy out to you within a few weeks of the charge coming through.

How can I change my address or billing information? +

You should be able to access your account at the following link to update your address or billing information ( We’re also happy to assist on our end. Send a note to, and we’ll get you sorted.

How can I cancel my subscription? +

The below link will let you amend your account, including canceling your subscription. If you run into any issues, send us a note at, and we can handle from our end.

My issue hasn’t arrived—what should I do? +

Let us know! Most issues are sent via USPS, and while they’re typically reliable, we have seen issues go missing (with or without tracking that says “in transit” for weeks—not helpful). Be patient—the transit time quoted by USPS is roughly 2-8 business days—but if something has started to feel amiss, send us a note at We will check details on our end and get a new copy out to you if it seems hopeless.

Can I give a subscription or a single issue as a gift? +

Of course (and thank you—we’re flattered!). Enter the recipient’s name and address in the shipping section with your information as the purchaser. If you’d like us to pop a handwritten note in with their copy, we are more than happy to do so. Email us at with any thoughts on what you’d like us to say.

What issue will my subscription start with? +

Currently, new subscriptions will start with issue no. 6.

Where’s issue no. 1? Can I order a copy? +

Unfortunately, not. What we refer to as issue no. 1 was actually Leah’s “Leah’zine,” a super indie, super homespun, super DIY project she crafted herself. It’s what kicked off In Kind, helping us to see there was an audience for this kind of content.