In Kind is an independent magazine focused on capturing the conversations modern women are having as they navigate motherhood, career, and personal style. It’s dedicated to exploring the life worth living and driven by the belief that women, multifaceted by nature, deserve a mirror that reflects that.

Leah Melby Clinton, Editor and Founder

I’m a writer, an editor, a wife, a sister, a friend—and a mother. My entire career has been spent in media (and I still work in fashion today), yet through all of my reporting and interviewing and musing, I began to feel like something was missing as I settled into my 30s, had my first child, and started to yearn for something slower; more traditional, yet not traditional.

Suspicious that there were others out there like me—women who were pulled in different directions by wanting to focus on themselves and their family simultaneously—I decided to formalize the conversations I’d been having with people, collecting them in a place that would arrive, physically, in your mailbox.

That’s how In Kind was born. Lovingly produced by hand at my dining room table, then printed in small quantities and slipped into the mail with a handwritten note, we’re hoping it resonates with kindred spirits. Women who know that life has continued to become richer and more rewarding with children and the challenges they bring—but also haven’t abandoned themselves. Who still see the person they used to be, who know she is worth investing in and loving.

Hannah Weil McKinley, Founding Editor

I’m a storyteller who's always been innately interested in style. That’s where my day job has taken me for over a decade in fashion media. But after the birth of my first daughter in 2018, I found I was compelled to share more candidly—about motherhood, about womanhood, and about the things that go along with it. My approach to writing changed, as did the conversations with women and mothers who felt similarly: looking for inspiration, while seeking a kind of community. I craved both an escape—a deep dive into the hobbies and interests I had before I became a mother—and also a place to explore exactly what I was feeling as a new mom. I wanted a space that let me have both.  

It’s that connection that makes In Kind so special, a curation of creatives and their stories that bring us all a little closer while acknowledging the many complicated, beautiful parts of being a woman navigating motherhood and the life she wants with it.